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Fleet Support & Tools

Although air quality and energy security are critical reasons to switch to alternative fuel vehicles, for fleets the bottom line is economics. For alternative fuel vehicles to be viable, fleets must concentrate their efforts on applications where they make sense...and cents.

Each alternative fuel has its own set of benefits and challenges. The key is to finding the best match for your fleet needs. By identifying ideal fleet segments for alternative fuels, fleets can come out economically ahead - giving them an advantage over their competitors. High-mileage, centrally fueled fleets-such as taxis and shuttle services-are good examples of appropriate niche markets. That's because these types of fleets consume large quantities of fuel, so, over time, fleet managers enjoy the cost savings associated with less expensive alternative fuels. Similarly, low-mileage, high-use vehicle fleets-such as airplane tugs and baggage carts that idle or repeatedly start and stop-are good niche markets.

The niche market approach is a strategy based on a sound and sustainable infrastructure plan, rather than one based on regional vehicle acquisitions. Although both are equally important, niche markets represent an important shift in the strategic mindset of alternative fuel marketing-one that is critical to long-term success.

Here are some tools to help business owners, fleet managers, and drivers learn more about options available to them:



Alternative Fuel Life-cycle Environmental & Economic Transportation (AFLEET) tool, provides cost calculators: Simple Payback Calculator,Total Cost of Ownership Calculator, & Fleet Energy and Emissions Footprint Calculator.
Vehicle Cost Calculator Icon_mobile_version mobile
Compare cost of ownership and emissions for most vehicle models
GREET Fleet Footprint Calculator
Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation (GREET) fuel-cycle model. Calculate your fleet's petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions footprint. Fact Sheet
Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool

Create a plan for your fleet to reduce consumption & emissions.

The Official U.S. Government source for fuel economy information


Available Vehicles

Light-Duty Vehicle Search
Compare light-duty alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, and hybrids.
Heavy-Duty Vehicle and Engine Search
Find medium- & heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicles, engines, and hybrid systems
Find a Car
Icon_mobile_version mobile
Compare fuel efficiency, costs, carbon footprints, and emissions.


Resource Locations

TransAtlas Icon_mobile_version mobile
Analyze vehicle densities and locations of fueling stations and production facilities.
Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Locate alternative fueling stations and get maps and driving directions.
Truck Stop Electrification Sites
Icon_mobile_version mobile
Locate truck stops with electrification sites to reduce the need for idling.


Additional Resources

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